Sat 12th Oct 1957

Members Present Messrs F R Hunter (Chairman)

W Beddows A Tear J W Midgley N Eyre

J Prest F Booth H V Bell & the Secretray J Akers

Minutes Pro A Tear } that minutes of

Sec N Eyre } previous meeting be accepted as a true record.

New Members Pro W Beddows } that all those

Sec JW Midgely } who had paid

5/- to the Society since the last meeting to be member be accepted. There were five in all.

Shows of 1958 Pro J W Midgley } that there

Sec A Tear } be two shows in 1958.

A discussion was held on the necessity of finding a new room instead of the

Thornes Club for the Annual Show and it was noted that we were offered an additional room at the Horse & Jockey (Altofts) so that the Annual Show could be held there.


It was decided to wait until the Annual

General Meeting to see if a suitable room had been found in Wakefield.

Arising out of this it was

Pro J Prest } that the Annual

Sec JW Midgley } Show be of one day duration.

Certain members paid for their share of the carriage on the bulbs from Messrs Barr’s.

A Raffle was held which realised 12/6 after paying 2/6 for the room.

Meeting closed 7.50 pm.



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