Tue 12th Mar 1968

Mr J Akers in the chair. Also present, Messrs

J Hardman, J Taylor, H Collins, C Heptinstall, S Knowles,

F. Brunning, A.L.R. Hunter, J.W. Prest, A Tear & H.V. Calvert secretary. There were apologies from Messrs R.D. Wood, W. Guest, B. Caines & J.G. Nassau.

Before the meeting the members stood a few minutes in silent tribute to Mr W. Markham & Mr W.H.

Laycock, two of our respected members who had passed away since our last meeting.

It was agreed to approve as a new member, Miss B.D. Snape, Dilston, Escrick, York.

The minutes of the last ordinary meeting held 19th June 1967 were read & confirmed.

Correspondence. A letter was read from Mr Paul Morley, B.B.C. Television Producer, B.B.C. Gardening Club thanking the secretary for sending a small collection of English florists tulips to grow in the B.B.C Gardening Club Garden.

Letters were read from Miss E. Wyatt Wingrave, enclosing a donation of 5/- towards funds, from Miss F.H Downey reporting on her tulips during 1967 & enclosing a s subscription of 15/- & from Mr H.P. Moore of Sang Sittingbourne, Kent, reporting on his tulips & enclosing a donation of £1-0-0.

All other correspondence had been attended to by the secretary & was passed as read.

Show dates & schedules. It was agreed that the early show should be held at the Jockey Inn Altofts on Saturday & Sunday 18th & 19th May 1968 & the 132nd Annual Show at the Duke of York Hotel, Agbrigg Road, Sandal, Wakefield on Saturday 25th May 1968. It was also agreed that the schedules remain as last year, with an additional rule that "No more than 3 blooms per exhibition be allowed in the single bloom classes & that an additional prize of 5/-, donated by Mr S. Knowles, be awarded for the best bloom in the Novice Classes.

It was agreed that the Mayor of Wakefield be asked to open the 132nd Annual Show, & that the appointment of Judges be left until the next meeting which was to be held on Tuesday 2nd April.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr J Hardman & Chrysanthemum plants donated by Mr J Akers realised 11/-

The meeting closed at 8-15 PM.

J Akers Apl 2nd 1968

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