Sat 12th Mar 1955

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President) Beddows, Tear

Eyre, Hunt, Calvert, Booth, Midgley, Hardman

& the secretary J Akers.

An apology for absence was received from Mr Bell.

Minutes Pro J Hardman that minutes of previous

Sec W Beddows meeting be accepted as a true record


Pro A Tear that the letter from the

Sec N Eyre Mayor of Wakefield accepting the invitation to open the Show at the Thornes

Club be accepted.

Altofts Show

Pro A Tear that the schedule for

Sec G Hunt this show be the same as last year. 60 of last year schedules were available then saving printing this year.

Show Cards pro G Hunt that secretary be

Sec H Calvert given permission to obtain show cards.

Thornes Show Schedule Pro J Akers that class 8

Sec J Hardman 6 rectified be deleted and that class 7 12 rectified be halved. Thus the open Silver Challenge Cup would this year be given for 6 rectified.

Judges Pro A Tear that N Eyre & E H Robinson

Sec W Beddows be two of the Judges.

Pro G Hunt That AT Meens be the

Sec J Hardman other Judge


Pro W Beddows that Mr Rogers of Achworth

Sec J Hardman School be asked to judge the

Altofts Show.

Mr Hunter gave 4 prizes for a raffle which realised 10/- 2/6 was paid for the room

Meeting closed 8 pm.

Mr Hunter spoke of the convalescence of Mr Prest and the secretary agreed to send the condolence

& wishes for a speedy recovery of the members.

April 25th FRHunter.

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