Sat 11th Nov 1944

In the absence of the President, it was carried that Mr E H Robinson take the chair. Only a small number of members were present. Minutes of last meeting were read & confirmed. Corrispondance was then read and accepted. The secretary reported having obtained the bulbs from Barrs for the novices who were due to them, the same were given out.

Mr EH Robinson then read some corrispondance he had received from the National Horticultural Soc, asking for an authority on Tulips. Arising out of this, several members asked Mr EH Robinson to give a brief outline of any papers he had in his possession regarding the origin, cultivation and flowering of Tulips. Mr EH Robinson then gave a few main items of the history of Tulips, the members then asked it to put on the agenda for next meeting, so that he could devote a full hour, it being thought that it would be of interest to all our members. Moved that Sec post card every member for next meeting, it being noticed the poor attendance of members, when left to their own memory. Mr F Hellewell, & Mr J Selby were accepted as members. Next meeting

9th Dec 1944

FH Hunter 9/12/44

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