Sat 11th May 1957

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President) Tear

Eyre, Prest, Calvert, Midgley, Markham, EH Robinson

Hardman Booth Laycock & the secretary J Akers.

Minutes Pro A Tear } that minutes of

Sec N Eyre } previous meeting be accepted as a true record.

Correspondence A letter was received from

The Mayor of Wakefield saying that he would be pleased to open the show.

A letter from Mr L G Haynes said that he would be unable to judge the Dutch Classes at the Thornes Show.


Pro A Tear } that Mr Eyre judge the

Sec E H Robinson } Dutch Classes

Mr Eyre agreed.

Show Business Mr Hardman Pro } that vases &

J Akers Sec } black cloth for the Altofts Show be obtained from the Normanton Paxton Society.

Many members complained that both shows ought to have been brought forward a week. As many Old English Florist Tulips were now in bloom it was proposed by the Secretary that 3 classes be put in the Altofts Show.

Class 1 Stages Class

Class 2 3 Breeders

Class 3 vase of nine English.

Pro N Eyre } that prize money be same as

Sec A Tear } in Thornes Show.

Thornes Show Pro J Hardman } that the

Sec A Tear } vases & black cloth for the Thornes Show be obtained from


Secretary to write the Club re bottles

Certain Horbury & Wakefield members agreed to prepare show on Friday previous

& dismantle on the Monday.

Pro A Tear } that an advert be

Sec J Hardman } put in the the "Advertiser"

for the Altofts Show & in "The Wakefield

Express" for the Thornes Show

Messrs Beddows, Tear, Hardman & Akers promised Prizes for Altofts Raffle

Messrs Hunter Eyre Hunt Beddows

& Robinson Prizes for the Thornes Show


Tickets to be sold at 3d 5 for 1/-

Raffle tickets were distributed

Mr Hunter raised the discussion of the bulbs from Messrs Barrs & proposed "That they be divided into 10 lots & drawn for" £5 shares to be obtained by two subscribers dividing 1 share

Mr Tear agreed to cancel one of their £10 worth so that this could be done.

A Raffle realised 9/6 after paying 2/6

for room

Meeting closed 8 pm

FRHunter June 15th 1957

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