Sun 11th May 1941

Member Present. Messrs W Beddow Chairman, R Robinson Sen, R Robinson jun, C Hamshire, Mr Bingham, A Robshaw, J Moulter, A Akers & EH Robinson

The Minutes were duly read and past as a true record by a proposition from A Robshaw sec C Hamshire

The correspondence was then read, and the cheaf item of interest was the accepence of the Mayor of Wakefield (Ald Mr F W Stott) to open the show, this was received with satisfaction and the following arrangments were made

That Mr Bingham receive the mayor and introduce to the Chairman,and other distinctive members, before proceeding with the Show

After the ceremony the Chairman Mr Beddows shall propose a vote of thanks, seconded by Mr Robertson

I was also decided, by a proposition from Mr Tear, seconded by Mr Beddows that all proceeds including the sale of Flowers be devoted to Clayton Hospital

A note from Mr Ellis Walker stated his satisfaction at the increase in New Members and expressed a desire to give 10/- to the Novices Classes in a form to be decided by the committee, this was accepted, and the following extra class was added to the Novice Stage (Best Stand of three any variety)

Pro and sec That the ??? of blooms be left in the hands of secratery or Chairman pro & sec that the society give 12 bulbs each to be 3rd and 4th prize in Novice Cup Stand as a special prize pro& sec that arrangment be made for members to have tea on the premises at 5 PM

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