Sat 10th May 1947

Minutes of last meeting was read & confirmed, before a good number of members. Our president Mr FR Hunter was ithe chair. Corrispondance was read& accepted, including a letter from Mr Simmonds ( deputy Secretary) of The Royal Horticultural Society, stating his disappointment at our not being able to stage stand of our English Florists Tulips at the show at Chelsea, but he understood the reason & hoped things would be better & more favourable for us in 1948. Final arrangments were made for our minor show at Altofts to be held on the 17th& 18th of May 1947. Arrangments were also made for members to meet on the Friday evening at 7pm the 23rd of May, for fixing of staging & bottle filling & general preparing for our Annual Show.

Our President kindly offered to convey the staging bottles etc from Horbury to our headquarters & thus iliminating the cost of haulage to the society.

Mr R Hall of 111 Church Rd Altofts, was duly elected a member of our Society. Next meeting to be called soon after the Annual Show as possible in order to pay members prize-money out. Meeting closed at


FR Hunter

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