Mon 10th Apr 1961

Members present F.R. Hunter Esq. president, Messrs

J Akers, W. Markham, J.W. Prest, A Laycock,

J.D. Hudson, R.D. Wood, F. Booth, A.T. Meens,

L. Rogerson, R. Hunt & H.V. Calvert, secretary.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.

The President reported developments in correspondence with Mr H.W. Mallpress who had decided to give his stock of Old English Florists Tulips to the

Northern Horticulural Society at Harlow Carr.

He also suggested that a representative from the

Tulip society should supervise planting.

A suggestion that the other members might also contribute bulbs was discussed & it was suggested that 100 bulbs should be sent to Harlow Car in the autumn.

It was agreed that May 20th should be the date of the Thornes Show, the secretary to write confirmation & ask the steward to order 50 doz bottles

Mr L. Rogerson reported that Cr George Senior had agreed to open the show at Horbury on May 6th at 7-30 PM, but asked for an official invitation. The secretary to write.

It was agreed to have no official opener for the Thornes show.

Proposed J Akers, seconded R Hunt that the colour description in the R.H.S. Classified List of Tulip Names, should apply to Tulips exhibited at our shows.

It was agreed to discuss prizes for the Show raffles at the next meeting to be held 1st May 1961.

A raffle realised 14/-

Meeting closed 8-0 PM. FRHunter May 1st 1961


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