Sat 10th Apr 1943

Members present were Messrs W Beddows

Chairman, Mr Akers, A Tear, A Robshaw

C Baxendale, W Robinson, EH Robinson, Mr Robert Robinson, J Moulter, N Eyre, J Prest

Mr Downing, Mr J Butterworth, & Mr G Hunt

The minutes of last Meeting were read, & confirmed.There was no corrispondance to read. It was felt by members,that the Society ought to be preparing other members to be fit to act as Judges at some future date, & on the proposition of EH Robinson, sec J Moulter, Mr N Eyre,Mr Akers, & Mr Robshaw were elected to go with the Judges on Show day 1943, in order to get a further insight of Judging the Old English Florist Tulip. On the pro of EH Robinson,secMr Akers, it was decided to alter the Open Silver Challenge Cup from the Best Stand ofNine Tulips,

To The Best Pan of 12 Rectified.{ }

An appeal was made by Me EH Robinson for Members to bring as many bottles as possible, as we once had 2000 Bottles & now we are down to about 1400 "

It was pro by C Baxendale, sec EH Robinson that the Local Challenge Cup remains as it is, Stand of Nine i.e.,

Breeders, Fea, Flm, Bizarres

" " " Biblomen

" " Roses

It was also carried on the Pro by N Ayre sec J Akers that apart from the Local Challenge Cup, & The Single Bloom Class, all other classes were to be Open Class, the above 2 Classes only, to constitute the Local Class.

Pro N Ayre, sec EH Robinson, that in view of the shortage of Bottles, that each member be limited to 4 Blooms each Class in the Single Bloom Class. also that on the pro of A Tear , sec W Robinson blooms in the Single Bloom class be not less than nine inches of stem. Pro J Mouter, sec C Baxendale, that 15/- worth of Bulbs be purchased by Society from Barrs and Sons, Covent Garden & given as extra prizes to members in the Novice Class who obtain 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in order of points, to be substanciated by any money the Winners care to give, the idea being for Novice members to obtain some first quality bulbs. It was also decided that the bulbs owned by the Society & grown by Mr N ayre, be still grown by Mr Ayre but could be sold for the benefit of the Society, to NONE Exhibiting persons.

Mr J Butterworth 38 East View,Horbury Rd Ossett was admitted to membership of the Society.

It was decided that monies taken as Public Subscription be included with & come under the heading Members Subs.

It was decided that in view of the forwardness of the English & Dutch Tulips, owing to the mildness of the weather that the next meeting be held on Sat 24th of April, as it looked like being an early Show this year. Date then so fixed an hour & ¼ of real good business.

FR Hunter April 24th-1943

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