Mon 9th Dec 1963

Members present. Mr J. Akers in the chair, Messrs

R. Hunt, N.H. Eyre, W. Markham, A.T. Meens,

J.W. Prest, A. Tear, & H.V. Calvert.

The minutes of the last Annual General

Meeting were read & confirmed, there were no matters arising for discussion.

Financial Statement.

The secretary present the Financial Statement for the year ended 30th September 1963. which showed a net loss on the years workings of £1-10-10. It was pointed out that there was no bank interest due until December 31st, & although the loss on the two shows was actually 11-2-4, this was offset by donations amounting to £16-12-0.

The Auditors reported that the books were in order & it was resolved that the Balance Sheet be accepted as read.

Election of Officers.

On the proposition of Mr A. Tear, seconded by Mr A. T. Meens, Mr F. R. Hunter was unanimously re-elected as President.

Vice Presidents were re-elected en bloc, Mr J Akers Chairman.

The secretary Mr H.V. Calvert announced that he did not wish to seek re-election. There was no nomination of members present & it was agreed that Mr Garfield Hunt should be approached.

Mr J.W. Prest was re-elected Treasurer.

Messrs A Tear & N.H. Eyre re-elected Hon. Auditors.


The secretaries secretary’s honorarium to be the same as last year, £6-0-0.

It was agreed to hold two shows in 1964, one at Altofts Horse & Jockey, & one at St John’s Terrace W.M. Club, if available, a letter to be written at a later date.

Alteration of rules. It was agreed that any alteration of rules of the Society should be made at a General Meeting.

At the last ordinary meeting held 2nd September it was proposed by Mr E H Robinson & seconded by Mr W. Markham the the rule prohibiting father & son from showing Tulips from the same garden, should be recinded. This proposal put before the General Meeting was carried.

The next meeting to be March 1964.

J Akers Nov 25th 1964


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