Mon 9th Aug 1976

R B Green in the chair, also present were J Akers,

N H Eyre, J Gibson, B Carr, M Jackson, C Heptonstall

H Collins, H V Calvert, Mrs Townsend, J Taylor, M Hayward,

A L R Hunter, K N Eyre Hon Sec.

Apologies C Harrison

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Matters Arising — None

Correspondence A letter was read from the ‘Sunday Times’ stating that in view of the high cost of the photos they could not let the society have a set free of charge. They have arranged to send a selection Black and White prints and if we wish to have some colour prints taken from them they will arrange it.

New Members H Jackson asked if two A M Watts and B England could become members it was seconded by H Collins and carried.

Bulb Orders 8 Members ordered bulbs from Parkers it was agreed to pay for the bulbs from the society fund and then pay back the monies.

Mr Akers gave some more old English bulbs away to members also some seed.

Next Meeting — This was left over till the bulbs from Parkers arrived.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm (Signed R B Green)

1971 page 45