Thu 9th May 1935

Members Present were W Beddow R Robinson F Hiley

A T Meens,T Lockwood W Robinson, E Stele

& E H Robinson

The Meeting opened with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting, arising out of minutes was the report from Mr Beddows re purchase of vases for 25 class, Mr Beddows then produced a sample vase which he stated he could purchase at 6/- per doz as these were satisfactory he was instructed to purchase 1 Dozen the minutes of the last meeting were then past as read by a proposition from R Robinson seconded by T Lockwood

The correspondence was then read and past as satisfactory by a proposition from R Robinson sec F Hiley

General show busyness was then discussed and the secratery was instructed to purchase a printed card for bottom of staircase also raffle tickets from C Bromby Normanton

Pro F Hiley sec W Robinson}

That open class exibitors be paid prize money on show day.

William Beddows




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