Sat 9th Apr 1949

The President Mr FR Hunter presided over a good attendance of members. The minutes of last annual meeting was read by the secretary, these were duly confirmed, as was also the minutes of the society’s last meeting. In corrispondance a letter was read from Mr E Walker, in which he expressed sorrow at our 1948 show not being a success, his blooms were over & he thought we had been rather late in holding our 1948 show.He enclosed 10/- for his and his wife’s annual subscriptions to the society. The Secretary then read his report of the year workings& was thanked for same.

The Balance Sheet was then presented & after a lengthy discussion it was passed & accepted. Arising out of the report & Balance sheet for 1948, members were agreed that our venture in holding our show in Wakefield had not been a success, & a deputation was selected to imterview the Landlord of the Whinney Moor Hotel, Lupset with a view to our holding our annual show there in 1949.

Next came the Auditors report, this was given by Mr N Eyre who said he had had access to all books, bills etc & the Society still sound having £28-17-31/2 in Bank & hand. The election of Officers then followed. Mr FR Hunter was elected President for 1948, and the Vice Presidents were elected en-block. The Secretary Mr G Hunt asked to be relieved of secretary-ship, owing to pressure of time, saying he would help the new secretary all he could. Finally Mr Akers was elected secretary, Mr JW Prest was re elected Treasurer,

Auditors for 1949 were chosen to be Mr N Eyre & Mr A Tear. In open discussion Mr R Robinson proposed a trip to the Tulip Fields of Spalding he undertsking tofix up for a bus, and Mr G Hunt late secretary undertook to get in touch with the Bulb Growers Association re this trip for full particulars.

Next meeting fixed for Sat 23rd April to be held at Jockey Hotel at 7PM.

Officers for 1949

President F R Hunter Esq Horbury

Vice Presidents

G Senior Esq Horbury W G Robertson Esq. (Wakefield Parks Supt)

G Hunt Horbury

W Midgley Esq. Halifax N Eyre Esq Horbury

E H Robinson Esq Horbury W W Hartley Esq Horbury

W Beddows Esq Altofts E Walker Esq Altrincham

Reg Robinson Esq Wakefield R Robinson Esq Horbury

A Tear Esq Altofts W Robinson Esq Horbury

A T Meens Esq Lupset.


J Akers 60 ??? Avenue, Altofts Normanton


J Prest, Elm Place, Cluntergate, Horbury

F R Hunter Jan 28th 1950

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