Mon 9th Mar 1959

Members Present Messrs Hunter (Chairman) Beddows

Eyre, Prest, Markham, Laycock, Meens

Calvert, Booth & the Secretary J Akers.

Before the meeting opened the secretary said he would like to resign or would like the society to appoint a secretary pro tem for a year

This was due to the trying time he had had

& ill health.

Minutes Pro N Eyre } That minutes of previous

Sec G Laycock } A G M be accepted as a true record.

Auditors Report on Balance Sheet, Mr Eyre (MR Tear was ill in bed with influenza) said the Books were in good order & though the Society had a loss of £4-1-5 on the years workings it would seem the this was due to a fall in Patrons Donations.

Pro W Beddows } That auditors report be

Sec AT Meens } accepted.

Electing Officers

The following were elected

President Pro J Akers

Mr FR Hunter Sec W Beddows

Chairman Pro J Prest

Mr W Beddows Sec N Eyre


Treasurer Pro N Eyre

Mr J Prest Sec HV Calvert

Secretary Pro Tem Pro J Prest

Mr HV Calvert Sec N Eyre.

Auditors Pro W Beddows

Mr N Eyre & Mr A Tear Sec HV Calvert

The point was raised re Vice Presidents.

Pro HV Calvert } That vice presidents

Sec J Prest } be elected from members who had rendered yeoman service & others who had subscribed to the Society. The letter could be removed from the list at any time by the members.

Shows Pro J Prest } That the Annual Show be

Sec N Eyre } held at the Thornes Club as usual. The Secretary to write to Club.

The dates & the question of the other show to be discussed at the next meeting.

Secretary’s Honorarium

Pro W Beddows } That this be £6 as usual.

Sec N Eyre }

A Raffle of Chocolates & Eggs (Donor’s Messrs Beddows

& Hunter) realised 7/6 after paying 2/6 for room.

Next Meeting March 23rd

Meeting closed 8-10 pm. FRHunter 7/3/60.


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