Sat 9th Feb 1952

Members Present

Messrs Hunter (President) W Beddows A Tear

E H Robinson, K Robinson, N Eyre, G Hunt

J Prest, A T Meens, F Booth, A Robshaw,

T S Calvert & the Secretary J Akers

Before the Meeting began Mr Hunter asked members to stand in sympathy on the death of our King and late member W F


Mr Calvert apologised for the absence of

Mr Hirst.


Pro EH Robinson sec Mr Beddows

That the minutes of the previous

General Meeting be confirmed

Election of Officers

Pro Mr Beddows sec Mr Tear

That Mr Hunter be again elected President

Pro Mr Hunt sec A Tear

That the vice President Chairman

Treasurer & Secretary be elected en bloc

Auditors Report

The auditors were satisfied with the ways the books were kept& had had access to all accounts receipts etc.

All members agreed that the Bank Balance etc was good.

Secretary’s salary

On his retirement from the room it was agreed that he be paid £6.

Owing to the congestion in the room with all the chess players the following Business was left over to the next meeting

  1. Judges

  2. Proposed 1 day show

Pro Mr Beddows sec EH Robinson that on the decease of any Horbury member Mr Prest to procure a wreath

The Secretary to deal with it for other members.

Venue of Principal Show

Pro Mr Eyre sec A Tear that Mr EH Robinson & Mr Hunt interview Mr Bell of Whinney Moor.

Mr Hunter kindly brought some eggs & cigarettes for a raffle. J Akers won the eggs. TS Calvert the cigarettes

The raffle realised 10/- profit after 2/6 had been paid for the room

Next Meeting 8 March 1952

FR Hunter Jan 31st 1917 (????)

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