Wed 8th Jul 1992

Present: Mrs J Akers Secretary

Mr J Akers Acting Chairman

Committee: Mr A Hayward, Mr. W.D. Tear, Mr C. Marsh

Members: Mr.Fletcher, Mrs Pickering, Mr and Mrs C. Bone

Mr Jackson, Mr. Fox, Mrs Littlewood, John Wainwright, Mrs S. Wainwright.

Apologies from Mr. K. Aker Miss Jane Ryre, Mr Mrs Hainsworth

The minutes of last year’s bulb meeting were read and signed

Matters arising: The new schedule was discussed (inserted: for the Dutch show) Paeony flowered were not represented, there were some late flowering ones available now.

There was a lack of visitors again, perhaps the premises were too out of the way. Kanjmauniana too early flowering, none shown. Otherwise a good show. Bulb orders were then taken by Mr W Tear. Meeting closed at 9pm

JGHardman 9.7.93

1971 page 158

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