Mon 8th May 1978

C Harrison in the chair and 10 other members also

Mr Jeff Thompson from Radio Leeds. J L Akers J Akers

W D Tear, J N Gibson Mrs Townsend, B Carr, H V Calvert,

C Marsh, Sec K N Eyre

Apologies N H Eyre, D Guest, H Guest

N H Eyre, D Guest, H Guest

The Minutes of the last regular meeting were read and approved

Matters arising None

Show Details

Openers The Deputy Mayor of Wakefield had agreed to open the show and his wife to present the prizes

Judges W D Tear, J Taylor-, English Jim Akers-Dutch

Vases — Over 25 large from A Hayward and a quantity of small one from the coal board.

Raffle Prizes 8 members offered prizes

Friday Nights before the show Members were asked to help get the room ready also ordered 30 dozen half pint bottles.

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 8.20pm. After the close of the meeting Mr Jeff Thompson asked if some members would like to have a short discussion on the English Tulip for a programme they were broadcasting on Saturday May 12th

Colin Harrison

1971 page 55

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