Sat 8th May 1948

This was only of short duration owing to inconvienience of room at Social Services House

Minutes of last meeting were read& confirmed.

Several letters were read in Corrispondance, from the assistant secretary of the RH Society, regarding the Chelsea Show, Mr Akers, told members that with their permission he would take his wife along with him to the Chelsea show,in lieu of another delegate.

Our Chairman reported that we would not be able to enter show room on show day before 1PM. As this was a late hour to fix tables & fill bottles etc

All members said they would turn up at 1PM. if at all possibke. Our society would not have to hire tables, as permission had been obtained to use those tables used by the Social Services House. It was passed that before any English Florist Blooms were touched, Mr Akers was to have his pick of Bloom to take to Chelsea Show . Permission to borrow 100 sheet Metal Vases from Ossett & Horbury Crys Sociey was granted free of charge, the only condition, was that we lend that Society our black italian cloth for use at their 2 shows later in the year.

FR Hunter June 5th -1948

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