Mon 8th Apr 1991

Present: Chairman Mr J. Hardman

Secretary Mrs W. Akers

Treasurer Mr J. Akers

Committee: Mr. M. Hainsworth, Mr. C. Marsh, Mr. K, Eyre

Mr. W. Tear

Mrs . S. Waim=nwrught Mr. J. Wainwright Mrs. S. Warrior

Apologies were received from Miss J. Eyre, Mr A. Hayward

The meeting commenced at 8pm.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed as correct.

1.Date of Annual Show 1991

This was to be held at Holmfield House, a discussion took place everyone agreed that the season was cooler and later than last year. A date of the 18th May was agreed. The secretary was to book the Kingswell Suite if possible from 10am — 8pm.


Proposed by Mr. John Hardman assisted by Mr. W. Tear and

Mr. A. Hayward.

3.Saturday morning help

Help was needed to set up the staging and fill the bottles and vases from 10 — 10.30am. Usually a small team turns up

4.Opener for the Show

The new mayor to be invited to open the show at 7.30 and present the cups and trophies.

5.Vases and Bottles

The vases to be collected from Mr Frank Smith at Altofts and the

400 bottles which were in Mr. J. Akers garage.

6. Raffle prizes

Several prizes were promised — Mr J Aker — whisky, Mr K Eyre

Mr. C. Marsh Mr. W. Tear.

Raffle books were issued to Mr. John Hardman Mr. K. Eyre, Mr C

Marsh and Mr. W. Tear

7. Publicity Posters to be designed by Mr D Mills

Letter of show information to Wakefield Express

Mr Jack Wood has said he would be attending show this year for Garden News.

8. Schedule

The same as last year, Mr. J Akers to produce for existing membership.

9. Glassware for the Exlira Open Classes

Discussed whether to give a glass for the Exlia Open. Decided to continue this year and review after the show.

10.A. O. B.

Mr.W. Tear and Mrs Akersmattending the following day at The Rits Lake competition for Tulips and would enquire as to exhibition space. Mr. Tear reminded us to think about a statement of aims of the society.

Mr. A Robinson will be showing along with Mr. W Taer and Mr J Aker Judging so good representation of English Florist tulip society.

Mrs. W. Akers reported that the councils pricing on room hire had changed to the benefit of the society since it was now possiblw[e to book for 1 hour rather than having to book a block of 3 hours. So the meeting closed at 8.50pm.

JG Hardman July 5th 1991

1971 page 141

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