Sat 8th Apr 1944

Mr FR Hunter in the Chair

Minutes of last annual meeting, were read & duly confirmed. Corrispondance was read & accepted.

A report on the Balance Sheet and the years workings was given by the Secretary Mr G Hunt. The two auditors Mr Eyre & EH Robinson then gave an auditors report, saying they were pleased to say they had, had access to all books etc& were pleased to report that the Society was in a good financial position.

The Balance Sheet was then presented to the members, & after comments and discussions, adopted same to the satisfaction of all present. The Sec was thanked for his report & his years workings. A big discussion took place on the Needham Memorial Cup & it was decided that it remains as it was, purely Honorary, no prize or points whatever to be given with it.

It was also decided recind minute re allocation of Points for various Classes, & in future all Classes including Cup & every Class, to be reckoned

3 points for 1st Prize,2 points for 2nd Prize & 1 Point for a 3rd Prize. All the Officials for 1944 were then elected en-Block from the year previous, with the exception of Mr Reg Robinson as treasurer in place of AH Robshaw who had expressed a desire not to be re-elected. Passed that the sum of £5 be allocated for Horbury Tulip Show.

continued/ It was also decided to run a Derby Sweep, in order to raise funds for Society, every member expressed his willingness to help make this effort to make this a success. Next meeting to be held on

Sat 29th April at 6-30pm. Meeting closed

at 7-50pm 16 members present.

FR Hunter April 21st 1945

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