Thu 8th Apr 1937

Members Present, Messrs W Beddow, Brook, W Robinson, Meens, Hill, E H Robinson

The Minutes of the Last Meeting were read and past as correct by a proposition from G Hill seconded by W Robinson

Arising out of minutes settlement of novices classes, for the novices cup competition after a lengthy discussion a proposition by G Hill seconded by G A Brook, and carried

That the novices classes now consist of pan of three 1 Breed 1 Feather 1 Flamed, and three single Bloom Classes, 1 Breeder and 1 Feathered 1 Flamed, The cup to be won on points 6-4-2 for the pan and 3.2.1 for single Bloom

The new cup was then presented by Mr Brook to the society, and was warmly thanks by Mr Beddows on behalf of the committee

Mr Brook responding remarked that he hoped the cup would give the nesisery encorrigement to new growers.

The class for Any variety of Tulips was again discussed and Mr Beddow proposed to leave this over until next meeting, and invite Mr Branham to attend this was unanimosly adopted

The election of official for ensuing year then took place as follows


President, Sir Danial Hall

Alternative Mr G A Brook

Vice Presidents

Chas F Fox, G A Brook, R Robinson

F R Hunter, W Knowles, F Fox

W W Hartly MrBramham

Secratery E H Robinson

Assisstent Secratery G Hill

Tresurer W Beddow

Chairman W Beddow

Auditors A T Mean & G Hill

W Beddows

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