Sat 8th Mar 1952

Before the meeting commenced the President asked members to stand in memory of the death of Mr R Robinson.

Minutes pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Beddows that minutes be confirmed


Mr E H Robinson had been unable to see Mr Bell of the Whinney Moor owing to his father’s death but he & Mr Hunt promised to see him immediately and let the Secretary know if they received an unfavourable reply.

Show Business

Pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Booth that a one day show is better from a financial point of view


Pro EH Robinson sec Mr Robshaw that a two day show be held.

The Secretary did not vote& the President refused to use his casting vote which ended in a no result decision.

Pro Mr Reg Robinson sec Mr Hunt that a two day show be held & all Darwin Tulips or other than English be sold at 9 o’clock Saturday

This was carried with one dissention.

Mr Calvert who thought they should be sold at 8pm.


Pro Mr Beddows sec Mr Reg Robinson that the shall be one judge for English.

A discussion ensued.

Pro Mr Eyre sec Mr Hunt That A T Meens be first chosen. If he refused Mr Hewitt to be asked.

This was carried unanimously.

Pro Mr Beddows sec Mr A Robshaw

That Mr Robertson be judge of other than English at the Whinney Moor Show.

The Secretary suggested Mr Rogers of Normanton as a judge for the Altofts show.

The meeting agreed unanimously

Pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Beddows that schedule should be as last yrar.

A Wreath had been sent to Mr R Robinson funeral from the Tulip Soc containing Tulips and the Secretary said he would send a letter of sympathy to his widow on behalf of the President and members

Mr Hunter brought a dozen eggs to raffle

This realised a profit of 7/6 after 2/6 had been paid for use of room for meeting

Members Present

Messrs Hunter (Chairman)

Beddows EH Robinson Reg Robinson

A Robshaw G Hunt N Eyre F Booth

SS Calvert K Robinson J Prest & the Sec J Akers

Next Meeting March 29th 1952

Meeting Closed 8pm

N Eyre

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