Fri 7th May 1937

Members Present, Messrs R Robinson,W Beddow

W Robinson A T Means G Still E H Robinson

The Minutes of last meeting were duly read and past unanimasly as correct

Several items of correspondence were read

The cheif being letter from Cooper McDougal and Robertson intimating that they would be pleased again insert there Leaflets in our Shedule as before another was a very nice letter from our President intimating that he would deem it an Honour to be able to continue as President of the only remaining Tulip Society in England

These met with the approval of all Members

A lengthy discussion took place as to weather the blooms would be ready for the 22nd, a vote was taken on this the majority was in favour of the said date Mr Beddows kindly stated that he would deel with staging &ect for new classes pro & sec} That secratery draw up a suitable advertising Bill and purchase 100 of same

W Beddows

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