Mon 7th Mar 1960

Members present, Messrs F.R. Hunter (President), J. Akers,

J. Hardman, J.W. Prest, A Laycock, N.H. Eyre,

C. Petts, E.H. Robinson, W. Markham, A Tear, F Booth,

A.T. Meens & H.V. Calvert, secretary.

In Memorium. Before the meeting commenced, members stood in silence for 2 minutes in respect for the late Mr W. Beddows, who passed away on the of December 1959 after 32 years with the society.

Mr Beddows was a Vice-President & chairman of the society for a number of years, he was also a keen

& successful exhibitor & acted as judge at our shows on many occasions, he had the respect of all the members who would be bound to miss him at future meetings & shows.

The minutes of the last Annual General meeting, held held on March the 9th 1959, were read & confirmed.

Financial Statement. A statement of the accounts for 1959 was submitted to members, showing a net loss on the years workings of £3-15-9. The secretary explained that, where although donations to the

Society had substantially increased, the sale of raffle tickets & sale of blooms at the annual shows, had shown a decline on the previous year.

The total subscribing members was 22, the same as last year.

Auditors Report. The auditors Messrs A Tear & N.H.

Eyre, reported the statement of accounts to be correct, & it was proposed Mr J Akers, seconded Mr J Hardman that the statement be accepted.

Secretarys honorarium. Mr J Akers explained that the secretarys honorarium was due after the completion of his year of office, as approved by


the members present. Owing to a misunderstanding he had not received his honorarium for 1958, but he volunteered to return half of it to the funds of the Society. It was proposed by Mr Markham

& seconded by Mr Eyre that Mr Akers be paid forthwith & that he be sincerely thanked for his services & donation. Secretarys honorarium to remain at £6

The President, Mr F.R. Hunter announced that he was donation to the Society the Gold Medal, awarded annually Mr Hunter was thanked by members for his generosity.

Election of Officers for 1960.

President. Mr F.R. Hunter. (Proposed J. Akers

(Seconded E.H. Robinson

Chairman Mr E.H. Robinson. (Proposed J. Akers,

(Seconded A Tear.

Vice-Presidents, Proposed Mr E.H. Robinson, seconded

Mr J. Prest that the Mr George Senior of Horbury be added to the present list.

Secretary. Mr H.V. Calvert. (Proposed E.H. Robinson

(Seconded A.T. Meens.

Tresurer. Mr J.W. Prest. (Proposed J Hardman

(Seconded A. Tear.

Auditors Mr A. Tear (Proposed J. Prest

Mr N.H. Eyre (Seconded J. Hardman.

It was agreed that of President, Secretary & )

Treasurer, any two of the three be able to ) sign for money withdrawn from the bank. )

Annual Shows. Proposed J Hardman, Seconded

A.T. Meens that there be 2 shows in 1960

Proposed Mr A. Tear, seconded E.H Robinson that one show should be at Altofts & be of one day duration.

Proposed Mr Prest, seconded Mr Tear that the

Altofts show be May 14th 1960.


An amendment by Mr Robinson that we fix the date sometime in mid-April did not get a seconder, so the proposition was carried.

Proposed by Mr Akers, seconded by Mr Eyre that

The detailsfor the main show be discussed at the next meeting, to be held on Monday April 4th. A Collection to defray expenses realised 6/-. The meeting closed 8-25 P.M.

FRHunter 13th Feb 1961


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