Thu 7th Mar 1935

Members Present were Messrs W Beddow, R Robinson

F Fox, T Lockwood, F Hiley, A T Meens,

W Robinson & EH Robinson

The Secratery read the minutes of the last meeting which were past as read by a proposition from

F Hiley seconded by W Robinson

The correspondence included a letter from Sir A D Hall accepting the honour of a Vice Presidencie of our society and expressing satisfaction at the £5 his bulbs had raised for the benifit of same

The correspondence was then moved as exepted by a proposition from R Robinson seconded by F Fox,

The balance sheet was then read and the

Auditor reported a very satisfactory state of account pro R Robinson sec F Fox} that balance sheet and Auditor report be accepted as very satisfactory

A discussion on a class of 25 Tulip was

Left over untill next meeting

The Election of Officers for the ensuing year then followed each being proposed into office seperatly


Mr C W Needham

Vice President

Chas F Fox esq Birmingham Sir A D Hall London

Mr F R Hunter Horbury, W Knowles Stalybride

F Fox Normanton, R Robinson Horbury


E H Robinson Horbury


W Beddows Altoft


W Beddow Altoft


F Hiley& A T Meen

W Beddows

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