Sat 6th Oct 1945

Minutes of last meeting was read & pro N Eyre sec J Akers that they be adopted, Mr N Eyre being in the chair, in the absence of our

President. Corrispondance was then read.

A letter from Barr & Sons price list for both

Darwin & English Florist was passed round for members perusal. All members aggreed that the prices for tulips were very high

& expressed hopes that by next season bulbs from Holland would be available, which would make the English forms have to reduce in price in order to obtain orders. Pro W Robinson sec J Akers that the Society run an Xmas draw, all members present, promising a prize.

Next meeting to be in early November, sec tp have obtained Xmas draw tickets, in order to give them out to members. Meeting closed at 8-10pm

FR Hunter 15th April 1946

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