Tue 6th Apr 1971

Mr J Akers in the chair, also present Messrs

M. Jackson, R.B. Green, C. Heptinstall, H. Collins,

S. Knowles, P. Emmet, W.D. Tear, J. Taylor, J. Fisher.

J. Hardman, C. Marsh, N.H. Eyre, Mrs H. Townsend, & H.V. Calvert, secretary.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.

A letter was read from Mr J.W.R Fox thanking us for our expression of concern regarding his recent misfortune of losing a leg.

Mr Green reported having a word with Mr H.W. Laidlaw about the Presidency of our Society & it was agreed that a letter should be sent inviting Mr & Mrs Laidlaw to our 135th Annual Show on 15th May.

Mr Akers reported having seen that landlord at the Jockey, Altofts where the early show was arranged for Saturday 8th May. It was also stated that Mrs White would again sell a raffle tickets but asked for them to be sent in good time.

It was agreed that we would write to Mr Frank Smith asking him to judge the Dutch classes & to Mr Jack Burton to judge the English with Mr N.H. Eyre at the Annual Show.

It was agreed that 6d & 3d entry fees should be announced to 3p & 2p respectively & that the

2 guinea voucher be corrected deleted from the early show schedule.

It was agreed to purchase 50 blank posters for £1.25 from Garden News, 25 to be filled in & displayed at strategic points before the shows.

The secretary was asked to bring posters & raffle tickets to the next meeting to be held 27th April

It was agreed that we the Society should have coloured pictorial records of all the old English tul tulips at present in cultivation. The secretary was commissioned to take the necessary photographs on 35mm colour film & was to be provided with 2 36 exposure films.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr Hardman & Chrysanths donated by Mr Akers realised 16/- (85p)

The meeting closed at 8-35 PM.

J Akers Apl 27th 1971

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