Mon 6th Apr 1959

Members present;- Messrs FR Hunter (President), J Akers,

W. Beddows, N Eyre, J. Prest, A Laycock, A.T. Meens,

W. Markham, F. Booth & Secretary H.V. Calvert.

Proposed Mr Eyre, seconded Mr Laycock that the

minutes of the previous meeting be approved.

Mr Eyre reported that we could have the Horbury

Conservative Club for our show. All facilities would be provided & Mr Robinson had arranged with Mr R Bate of Horbury to open the show. It was proposed

Mr Beddows, seconded by Mr Meens that Mr Robinsons action be edo endorsed, & that Mr Eyre should report back to Mr Robinson. It was proposed by Mr Akers, seconded by Mr Eyre that the date of the show at

Horbury be the 16th May, & would be of one day duration. It was agreed that the schedule be the same as last year with the exception of the "Selling Classes" which was to be deleted.

Show Judge. It was proposed by Mr Akers, seconded

Mr Meens that Mr Beddows be nominated Judge.

Thornes Show. Proposed by Mr Markham, seconded

Mr Prest that the Main Show at Thornes Working

Mens Club be of one day duration & be held on Saturday 23rd May 1959. To be open to the public at 6-0 PM & opened officially at 7-0 PM, Mr Hunter promised to find an opener.

The secretary was instructed to write to Thornes

Working Mens Club confirming the date, & to have printed 100 schedules for each show.

A raffle realised 10/-. The next meeting was fixed for Monday 27th April.

Meeting closed 7-40 PM.



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