Mon 6th Apr 1936

Members Present) W Beddows Chairman, R Robinson

F Fox, F Hiley, W Robinson, T Lockwood, A T Meens & E H Robinson

The Minutes of the last meeting were past as read

The first item of correspondence was letter from Sir Danial Hall, which menshoned the Death of Our very valued President Mr Needham this was the first intimation to be recieved and came as a great shock to all members as it evidently append some few weeks previusly

Mr Fox of Normanton, replying said that the Society and himself had lost a very dear Friend, with those remark he proposed a note of sympathy which was seconded by R Robinson, Horbury,

The next item of correspondence was the proofs for shedules and Bill from printers one or two were on exibition, after carfull consideration it was disided to accept the two colour front page shedule at £1.15.0 per 500, and to purchase 100 Bills as sample two, £1.5.0 per 100

Sir Danial Hall in his letter, stated that since the death of Mr Needham, (The Royal National Tulip Society) to which he was Tresurer, and ? President, is now defunct and is winding up the affairs found a small account in the Bank to the credit of the above society

He had consulted with Mr Peter Barr the only other member and they agreed if we would accept, to purchas a cup or a piece of silver, and present it to our society in memory of Mr Needham pro Mr Hiley sec AT Meens}

That we accept the cup or silver and create a new class to be called the Needham Cup class, and to be open to all exibitors open and Local pro T Lockwood sec R Robinson}

That the New class consist of a stand of Nine Tulips 3 Breeders 3 Feathered

3 Flamed ie Bizare Biblomen & Roses

The following sub committee were appointed to deal with special correspondence

A T Meens, W Robinson, & Secratery

William Beddows

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