Fri 5th Jul 1991

Present: Chairman – Mr J Hardman re-drawing

Secretary – Mrs W. Akers

Committee: Mr A Hayward, Mr W D Tear

Members: Mr P. Fletcher Mr and Mrs D Brears Mr and Mrs R Smales, Mr M Jackson Mr. G. H. Hayward Mr F. R. Jackson

Apologies from Mr J Akers Mr K Eyre Miss Jane Eyre

After the minutes of the previous meeting on April 8th were read and signed as correct a short discussion about the Dutch Show commenced.

The general opinion was that we should carry on with it, despite the financial loss which was more than covered by the main show. It was felt we needed to think about more publicity, to attract visitors to the show.

We then considered the amendments to the schedule to take accout of the current types of tulips available in the 1990’s

The new Dutch schedule is now as follows:

  1. 18 of one variety – Gold Medal

  2. 12 of one variety

  3. 9 of one variety

  4. 5 Passor tulips

  5. 5 Lily flowered tulips

  6. 5 fringed or crispa tulips

  7. 5 Late Double tulips

  8. 5 Viridiflora tulips

9. 3 yellow tulips

10. 3 White tulips

11. 3 Pink tulips

12. 3 Tulips any other colour than above

13. Bowl of tulips arranged for effect

14. Bowl pot or pan of species tulip 5 bulbs in bloom

15. 5 Kaf????? ?????? ?????? Bowl or pan other English Florist classes unchanged

Mr Hayward asked for ????? information on how to improve his ground, another new member would to know how far apart to plant. Members present provided this information.

After ????? orders had been collected by the

Secretary the meeting closed at 8.45 pm ( Signed by J.L. Aker 1st July 1992)

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