Mon 5th Jun 1961

Members present. Messrs J Akers, N.H. Eyre, R. Hunt,

C.R. Thistlethwaite, J.W. Prest, W. Markham &

F Booth & H.V. Calvert, secretary.

In the absence through illness of the President, Mr F R Hunter, Mr J. Akers was elected to take the chair.

It was reported that Mr Hunter was making vary steady progress & it was proposed that a letter be sent to him expressing the members concern & hoping he would soon make a complete recovery.

The minutes of the meeting held 1st May 1961 & an impromptu meeting held 6th of May were read & confirmed.

New members. It was proposed Mr Akers & seconded

Mr R. Hunt that two new members Mr C.R.

Thistlethwaite, 21 Bleakley Lane, Notton, N- Wakefield

& Mr C.V. Chapman be accepted as members of the Society.

Show reports. The secretary submitted accounts of the two recent shows, The Horbury show made a profit of £1-14-6 & the Thornes Show a loss of 13-4-0

Mr N.H. Eyre proposed & Mr R. Hunt seconded that the donation of £2-2-0 made by Cr G. Senior all at the opening of the Horbury Show should be included in the show account. Other donat donations received up to the present were as follows. Mr F.R. Hunter £2-2-0; Cr & Mrs Briggs £2-2-0, Mr EH Robinson 5/-

Mr W W Laycock £2-0-0. Members subscription to date were £5-0-0. It was resolved that the report be accepted. The secretary was asked to call a meeting when the new bulb catalogues arrived.

A raffle realised 8/-, & the meeting closed at

8-0 PM. It was proposed Mr Markham & seconded


Mr Eyre that £1-1-0 be sent to Thornes WM Club

Committee & 10/- to the Steward as an acknowledgement of their kindness in letting us have their room for our Show & for services rendered.

A raffle realised 8/- & the meeting closed at 8-0 PM.

J Akers July 15th 1961

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