Fri 3rd Aug 1990

Present : Chairman – J. Hardman

Acting Secretary — W. M. Akers

Retiring Secretary — K. N. Eyre

Committee members : A. Hayward W. Tear

Apologies were received from M. Hainsworth, J Akers. and R. Perrandin.

  1. Appointment of secretary

Due to the resignation of Keith Eyres as notified at the A.G. M. held in December 1989 suggestions were sought for a new secretary. Only one name was proposed

J.L.Akers who was unfortunately absent due to working in Germany. He had indicated that he would undertake the job of secretary. Everyone present paid tribute to the fifteen years of service to the Society by Keith Eyre and agreed that the Society had benefitted from his tireless efforts, and that he deserved a break.

  1. Dutch Show 1991

After discussion it was agreed that the inaugural show had been a success in spite of the problems created in keeping blooms going in the tremendous heat of this season. It was desirable that more members were encouraged to show and grow Dutch tulips and with that end in view a meeting was urgently proposed so that members could order bulbs from Messrs.


A class was proposed where members would all purchase 10 bulbs of a single variety to be shown as a vase of six or three. Mr Hayward voiced concern that someone might grow a much larger number, thus having a greater advantage. A suggestion was made that the name of the cultivator not be revealed until the schedule was produced to prevent this happening.

A date was agreed — Audust 26th 1990 at the Unity Hall, Wakefield. The acting secretary said that the show’s report, results and accounts would accompany the notice of the meeting.

3. AM 1990

This would take similar format to the last one, most people present hoped that many more members would attend. The Dutch bulb orders would be distributed and also the English Florist bulbs orders which members were able to spare. it was thought that a good slide show could be presented using the excellent collection of English Florist slides from Mr. Bill tear of garden related subjects. The suggested date was 6th October 1990.

4. Any other business

4.1. Enquiries were made regarding the Newsletter. It was explained that as soon as J Akers was back in England it would be produced in a matter of days. the material was set up on the computer and a good number of contributions had been forthcoming.

4.2. The Acting Secretary said that a good number of members had paid their annual subscriptions and generously donated monies or prize money giving us a healthy balance at the Yorkshire Bank. She had made enquiries and suggested that the bulk of the money could be moved into a Higher Interest Account than the basic Deposit Account as at present. It was agreed to put this to the A.G.M. as a positive suggestion.

4.3. Mr. Victor Roozen had written twice voicing his concern that too many breeder stocks were being lost due to the unusual aphid numbers in the exceptionally warm springs of 1989 and 1990 committee members agreed that there was a serious problem , and it was difficult to know how to proceed. Perhaps a discussion of the problem could be a part of the AGM allowing members to suggest ways to alleviate the losses. Keith Eyre described ways he had built up from one bulb of a cultivator to a good stock using vigorous multiplication that most English Florist bulbs have and the usual precautions against aphid and fungal attack.

The chairman thanked the committee members for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 9.25pm

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