Tue 3rd Aug 1982

JG Hardman in the chair with 12 other members present

R Laughlin, J Seed, HA Hodgson, R Perraudin, A Harper

KY Bramford, J. N. Gibson, T. Mills, A Hayward, R Cotton

Jane Eyre Hon Sec K N Eyre.

Apologies were given on behalf of Jim Akers James and Wendy Akers, H V Calvert, N H Eyre, S Knowles

P Emmett.

XXX The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Matters Arising. the Chairman thanked all the members for the great effort that had gone in to the annual show.

Correspondence letters were read from Miss Snape asking for bulbs, ALR Hunter stating that he was sorry to miss the Annual Show this was due to visiting his family in Canada, S Knowles offering apologies, Mr Tony Lord, asking if we could name the varietiesof the tulip on the enclosed slides. the Chairman put this on the agenda for later in the evening.

Show Report The show report had been sent to all member a few days before the meeting. the Secretary reported that a profit of £18.57 had been made.

New Members 3 Names were submitted and approved Tony Lord A Hillman H W Hodgson

Bulb Orders The meeting felt that they could obtain bulbs of Dutch varieties from other sources than Parkers. ie Bill Tear

Tony Lord’s slide. the slides were shown at a few were worried but the chairman asked if they could be brought again when James Akers

??? present. has he asked for them to be taken.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm

JG Hardman

1971 page 89

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