Mon 3rd May 1982

JG Hardman in the chair with 11 other members present. The chairman welcomed the members and their wives to the home of James and Wendy

Akers. The perpose was to show the slides of the English Tulips so that the newer members could get to recognise the different marking and varieties. The members returned to an other room and held the following meeting.

Apologies were received from N.H.Eyre H.V.Calvert

Minutes were read of the last meeting and approved.

Matters arising The question of Class 8 reading all Disimilar. the secretary reported that a minute was recorded in 1960 that the words all dissimilar should be added this means 12 different varieties, other matters will be discussed later in the meeting.

Correspondence A letter was read from miss Snape stating that she was sorry that she could not attend the meeting and enclosed a cheque for £4

A letter was read for Mr T Mills offering a plaster vase to hold the Tulips instead of the beer bottle.

The meeting felt that they it was not the right shape.

Show 1. Opener the secretary reported that he had written to the town hall and the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress would open the show

2. Member offered to get the room ready on the Saturday morning.

3. Mrs Wendy Akers had made some posters of members to distribute.

4. the bottles and vases were ordered also the class cards.

5. Mr John Seed offered to provide the white paper for the table.

Raffle Tickets and Prizes were agreed

Opening The Chairman asked for a member to offer a vote of thanks to our opener M R

Laughlin offered Mrs Wendy Akers offered to make a bouquet of flowers.

The meeting then closed and a slide slides were shown after which the members and their wives enjoyed a buffet supper.

Our Chairman thank our hosts for their Warm Welcome and Hospitality

(Signed JG Hardman

Aug 3 1982)

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