Sat 3rd May 1952

Members Present

Messrs Hunter (president)

Beddows Tear Hunt Calvert Eyre

Meens Reg Robinson EH Robinson

Booth Prest & the Sec J Akers


Pro Mr Hunt Sec Mr Eyre that minutes of previous meeting be confirmed.

Show Business

Pro Mr Eyre Sec Mr Prest that Altofts Show be left to Altofts men

Whinney Moor Show

Secretary to write to Mr Stevenson

Brook Street Ossett re vases and black cloth wrote Messrs Lettings for small empty bottles.

Put advert in Wakefield Express & Horbury & Ossett Observer, Station Road Ossett

Post card Messrs Booth Reg Robinson

Eyre Calvert & K & EH Robinson to be present Friday night to prepare show room

Mr Hunt raised a point in the Schedule Class 10 which should read "Preference" in stead of "Prizes"

Mr Hunter gave some eggs to raffle

Prizes won by F Booth& G Hunt

Raffle realized 8/6 Profit after

2/6 had been paid for rent of room

Next Meeting after Shows.

FR Hunter June 14th 1952

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