Thu 3rd May 1934

Member Present Mr W Beddows Chairman, R Robinson

F Fox F Hiley W Robinson AT Meens EH Robinson

Pro W Robinson sec F Fox}

That Minutes of last Meeting be past as read

The correspondence was then read and accepted

Pro F Hiley sec E H Robinson}

That (W Beddows) be appointed Tresurer

W Robinson having resigned that possision

This was carried unanimusly.

Pro W Robinson sec F Fox}

That Mr R Robinson be appointed Show Table

Manager and to be allowed to call on any assistance he so desired and no other

Member shall be allowed to touch the exibits without his permission pro F Hiley sec A T Meens}

That the exibition shall close at

8.PM on Monday May 28th

And carried unanimusly that the appointing of a judge to help Mr Needham be left in the secraterys hands

A disscussion followed as to how the Society could help new growers who have insuficiant flower to exibit more than one or two classes and the following new resolisin was carried

Pro R Robinson sec AT Meens}

That the Membership fee for New Members shall be( one shilling per year) and all such members shall only shall only be allowed to compeet in the Novices Class

The meeting closed with a disscussion on the possibility of staging an Harvist Home exibition and it was disided to leave the matter over until after Tulip Show_

W Beddows

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