Sat 3rd Mar 1956

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President) Midgley

Beddows, Tear, Eyre, Hunt, Prest, Jukes, Calvert

Hardman, Bell, Booth, K Robinson & the sec J Akers


Pro N Eyre } That minutes of previous

Sec W Beddows } meeting be accepted as a true record.

Show Business

Pro H Calvert } that the Mayor of

Sec W Bell } Wakefield be asked to open the show.

Pro J W Midgley } that the same three

Sec W Beddows } judges as last year be asked to judge the English Classes again

Mr Eyre asked to be left out this year.

Pro J Akers } that Mr Midgley be the

Sec G Hunt } third judge.

Mr Midgley accepted.

Pro G Hunt } that the Wakefield

Sec K Robinson } Parks Superintendent

Mr L A Haynes be asked to judge the Dutch Classes & the Decorative Class at the Thornes Show

Pro W Beddows } that Classes 22 & the

Sec A Tear } Thornes Class be omitted from the schedule & that prize money in classes 19 20 & 21 be raised to 4/- 3/- 2/-

Pro W Beddows } That the official opening

Sec JW Midgley } be 7-30 pm Saturday.

Pro A Tear } that the decorative Class

Sec W Beddows } be for Ladies only & that entry be free.


Pro N Eyre } That Mr Markham be asked

Sec A Tear } to judge the Altofts Show

Pro W Beddows } that the Altofts schedule

Sec A Tear } be as before & the dates be May 19th & 20th for Altofts & 26th & 27th May for the Annual Show at Thornes Club

Raffle realised a profit of 10/6 after paying

2/6 for Room.

Meeting Closed 8 pm.


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