Sat 3rd Mar 1951

Members Present

Messrs Hunter (Chairman)

Tear Beddows EH Robinson Reg Robinson

K Robinson N Eyre, AT Meens F Booth

& the Sec J Akers


Pro EH Robinson sec A Tear that

Minutes of previous meeting be confirmed.


The letter of Mr Broomhead replying to the Secretary’s letter was accepted

Altofts Show

Pro N Eyre sec Reg Robinson that

The date be May 12& 13th 1951

Pro EH Robinson sec A Tear that

Mr J Dunford be appointed to open show

Judge pro Mr Beddows sec EH Robinson that Mr Abson be again asked to judge.

Pro Mr Beddows sec EH Robinson that raffle substitute be left to Mr Tear.

FR Hunter ??? 9th 1952

Whinney Moor Show

Pro Mr Robinson sec A Tear that the date be May 26th & May 27th 1951

Pro Tear secE H Robinson that

There be no decoration allowed on any class.

Pro A T Meens sec Reg Robinson that the schedule be same as last year pro K Robinson sec Mr Hunter

That Mr Atkinson of Ossett be invited to Open Show. Mrs Burrows to be second choice

Any other business

Pro Mr K Robinson sec Reg Robinson

That Mr P Kay

51 Westly Street

Ossett become a member

2 pkts of cigarettes (donor EH Robinson) yielded 10/- Rent of room 2/6

Net profit 7/6

next meeting March 31st 1951

FR Hunter Mar 31st 47 (?)

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