Sat 3rd Feb 1951

Members Present

Messrs Beddows (Chairman)

Eyre EH Robinson Hunt Robshaw

Prest Booth & the secretary J Akers


Pro EH Robinson Sec N Eyre that the minutes of the last General

Meeting be confirmed


The Secretary read two letters from Mr Broomhead of Leeds asking for English Tulip Bulbs also enclosing a 10/- note

He was instructed by the Meeting to return the note stating it was impractible to do anything now about bulbs. It was suggested that it would do harm if was sent Dutch Tulip bulbs instead.

Auditor Report

Mr Eyre said that the books were in good order & that the Society was better off than at any time previous.

Balance Sheet

The Secretary said that it was his policy to keep the Soc well stocked with all books etc needed by the Society& that we had now in hand enough of some of the to last a few years.

Pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Robshaw that the Secretary be thanked for such a good Balance Sheet.

Election of Officers

Pro Mr EH Robinson sec Mr Beddows that it be put on record that the Society wished to thank its President for all the good work he had done for them for some many years & the way he had stood by them when the Society had nothing

The following Officers were elected

President FR Hunter

Vice Presidents. En-Bloc with Power trade

Chairman Mr Beddows

Secretary Mr J Akers

Treasurer Mr Prest

Auditors Messrs Eyre & Tear

Secretary’s Honorarium

The Secretary withdrew.

Pro Mr Hunt Sec Mr EH Robinson

That he receive £6

Shows for 1951

After a discussion as to whether the Principal Show should be on one day it was decided on a pro by Mr Beddows that it would be of two days and that a Sub Committee of three be formed to deal with sale of flowers on the Saturday

It was decided there be two shows as last year

Altofts 12-13 May Other than English

Whinney Moor May 19th & 20th or May 26th & 27th

Next Meeting March 3rd 1951

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