Mon 2nd Sep 1963

Present. F.R. Hunter Esq. president, Messrs J. Akers

J. Hardman, R.D. Wood, E.H Robinson, JW Prest,

A Tear, W. Markham, N.H. Eyre, R. Hunt &

H.V. Calvert, secretary.

The minutes of the last meeting were read

& confirmed.

Arising from the minutes was the matter of

Tulips sent after the Show Annual Show to

Mr Rory McEwen by Mr A Tear. It was proposed

Mr Markham, seconded Mr Hardman that a vote of thanks be accorded to Mr Tear for sending them.

A letter was read from Messrs Parker regarding our complaint over their bulbs brought by members last year, very much regretting our need to complain.

According to terms of business they could not accept responsibility but as a gesture of goodwill offered to replace 50 Louis XIV & 50 parrot Tulips.

It was agreed to accept this offer & to share the bulbs among the members concerned.

The Secretary submitted a financial report of the 1963 Shows which showed a net loss at

Horbury of £5-8-6 & at St Johns Normanton of

£5-13-10 a total of £11-2-4. Donations to date totalled £12-10-0.

Mr E.H. Robinson raised a point about a ruling, prohibiting father & son from showing

Tulips from the same garden, which was being disregarded. After some discussing, Mr Robinson proposed & Mr Markham seconded that the


rule should be deleted recinded.

Mr Markham raised a point about the Gold

Medal & the secretary explained the difficulty

Perkin’s had in obtaining one & the fact that in the past they had been supplied to us very much below the cost price. Arising from this, Mr Tear proposed & Mr Markham seconded that for the 1964 Show, the Gold Medal should be substituted by a voucher for £2-2-0 to be

spent exchanged at Perkins, for whatever the recipient desired.

Following a request from the Auditors that the book should be made up earlier in the

year to avoid the bad weather at January, it was proposed by Mr Akers, seconded by Mr Hardman that the books should be made up

& the Audit take place in September or October.

Orders were taken for bulbs from Parkers.

The next meeting to be the Annual General


A series of raffles for eggs, fruit, chocolates

& tulips donated by Messrs Hunter, Akers &

Tear realised £1-9-0

FRHunter 23rd March 1964


Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society

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