Sat 2nd Mar 1957

Members Present Messrs Hunter, Beddows, Eyre

Hunt, Jukes, Hardman, Booth, Bell, Burton

Calvert, Prest, Laycock, Markham, Midgley

& the Secretary J Akers.

Minutes Pro N Eyre } that minutes if

Sec W Beddows } previous meeting be accepted as a true record.

Correspondence A letter had been received from Messrs Wallace & Barr saying that they wished to discontinue growing Old English Tulips & would like to know if we or any amateur or professional in the district would care to purchase them.

Their stock was 9000 Breeders of all sizes in 14 varieties & 10,500 Flamed of all sizes in 12 varieties for £200 as a fair price

This matter was widely discussed & after

Mr Hunter had said he thought they could be bought for £100 the following members vouched for £10 worth of the bulbs the bulbs to be planted & shares taken after blooming.

Messrs Hunter, Beddows, Akers, Burton Calvert

Markham & Hunt. This matter to be further discussed on March 16th

Report of Sub Committee to see Thornes Club

The sub Committee ( Messrs Hunter Eyre & Akers) reported that the Thornes Club wished to offer the upstairs room as a permanent let to anyone who could make use of it. If this room was not available to us we could have the bar downstairs.


After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that Mr Hunt see if the Cooperative Hall

Horbury was available for the Show date & to inform the secretary by Tuesday.

The secretary could then inform the Thornes

Club on the matter.

A Raffle realised 10/6 after paying 2/6 for room meeting closed 8.10 pm.

FRHunter March 16th 1957

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