Sat 2nd Mar 1946

Meeting opened at 7pm,& in the absence of our President

Mr FR Hunter, the members elected Mr W Beddows to take the chair. Minutes of last annual meeting was read & duly confirmed. Corriospondance was then read & accepted.

The Secretary then gave his annual report,& reported a loss of £11 for the year 1945, it was the feeling of members present that for the Society to suffer a loss of

£11 & to give to charity in the year 1945 £24-3-0 was a mistake & a big discussion followed, nothing actually being passed, but the matter to be plased well up on the agenda of next meeting. The Sec and Treasurer then presented the Balance Sheet for 1945. After discussion it was finally passed for acceptance.

The auditors were present & gave their report, saying they were pleased to say they had had excess to all books etc & found it to be a true balance sheet, although they felt that something would have to be done to eliminate that gradual loss of society’s funds.

The election of Officials then took place & it was carried that the whole of officials should be returned en-block, with the exception of Mr J Prest as Treasurer in place of

Mr Reg Robinson who having left the district, declined the office of Treasurer. In open discussion, several suggestions were made regarding the finance of the society,but nothing definate was decided, all present to have some concrete proposal ready for next meeting.

Mr E Audsley, West-Field Rd Horbury was passed to be a member of Society. Next meeting to to be called at the Secretary’s option.

Meeting closed at 8-20PM

W Beddows

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