Fri 2nd Mar 1934

Member Present R Robinson (Chairman) W Beddows, A T Meens,

W Robinson, E H Robinson (Secratery), I Hewitt.

Pro A T Meens sec W Robinson}

That Minutes of last Meeting be past as read

The Auditors reported a very satisfactory statement of accounts, and the secratery then read the balance sheet, which was

Proposed by Mr Beddows and seconded by I Hiwett and carried unanimosly

The election of Officers for the ensuing year then took place the follows being ellected

President)——–Mr ??? W Needham

Vice Presidents) Mr C J Fox, Mr F Fox, Mr W Peters, Mr W Knowles, & R Robinson

Secretary Tresurer) E H Robinson

Auditors A T Meens & Tresurer

A disscussion then followed as to our Annual

Meeting being held on an earlyer date and it was disided to leave this over until next meeting, after the show

Meeting closed 9,30

Signed EH Robinson (Secratery)

R Robinson

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