Tue 2nd Feb 1932

Mr R Robinson Chairman

The Sec I Hewitt and Messrs A T Meens S

Meens,WRobinson,E H Robinson,F

Hiley, T Lockwood prop Mr Hiley sec Mr A T Meens

That the accounts be passed subject to audit, that the

Annual Report be passed.

Carried unan.

prop Mr Hiley sec Mr Meens

That Messrs W Robinson T Lockwood E H Robinson be authorised to purchase a cup from

Messrs Perkins & Sons Wakefield the sum to be expended being approx. £8 the cup to be engraved Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society

(signed) R Robinson prop Mr W Robinson sec Mr T Lockwood

That this cup be allotted to the man who scores most points in the local class. Approved

Points to be allotted

6 Rectified and 6 Breeders

Ist Prize 9 points

2nd " 6

3rd " 3 all below 1 point

Pan of 3 Breeders&Stages Class

1st Prize 6 points

2nd " 4 "

3rd " 2 "

No points below

Single Bloom Classes

Ist Prize 3 points

2nd " 2 "

3rd " 1 point

Vase Class not to count

Premiers six points prop F Hiley sec T Lockwood

That subscription cards be printed with the following rules printed on them.


Any man wishing to become a member of the Society must be duly nominated and his name submitted to the Com: for election.


The Annual subscription to be 4/-

per annum and no member will be allowed to exhibit unless this is paid before Show day.


All members must both grow and stage his own blooms, all flowers to be staged by 12 noon.


The local class Cup must be won by exhibitors living within 6 miles radious of Wakefield Cathedral


The winner of the Silver Cup holds it for 11 months only, it must be returned to the Sec in good order.


No one allowed to enter the Show

Room until judging is finished

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