Sun 2nd Feb 1930

Chairman Mr R Robinson

& Messrs A T Means, F Fox, W Boulby our officials elected the Sec I Hewitt


Mr C W Needham

Vice Presidents

Mr R Robinson

Mr Frank Fox

Mr C J Fox

Mr J W Bentley


Mr Irving Hewitt


Mr A T Means and E H Robinson


W Robinson


Messrs F Lodge, W ???, J Boulby

J Calvert

WNET Minute Book 1930

Best vase of nine tulips, any type or variety, foliage allowed, arranged for table decoration.

Every member allowed to stage one vase free, over and above, usual fee

The entrance fee to be 6d

Prizes 7/6 1st 5/- 2nd 2/6 3rd

The above resolutions were carried.

It is worthy of note that this will be the first show that Darwins, or any other class of Tulips have been allowed to compete.

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