Mon 1st Nov 1965

Members present, Messrs J. Akers, N.H. Eyre,

R. Hunt, J Hardman, H. Collins, J.W.R. Fox,

R.D. Wood, J.W. Prest, A. Tear & H.V. Calvert (Sec).

A apology was received from the President Mr FR

Hunter who was unfortunately unable to attend.

Before the meeting commenced, the members stood in silent tribute to Mr A.T. Meens who had passed away on the 30th of August 1965 aged 62

Mr Meens had been an active member of the

Society for over 40 years & was highly respected.

He was very often called upon to adjudicate at our shows, which he always did willingly & efficiently. His passing is a great loss to the

Society. The secretary had sent a letter of condolence to his family.

The meeting commenced with the reading of the minutes of the 129th Annual General Meeting which were confirmed as a true record.

Matters arising from the minutes were placed on the agenda.

Election of Officers. On a proposition by Mr J. Akers, seconded by Mr A. Tear, Mr F.R. Hunter was unanimously re-elected President.

The remaining Officers were ed re-elected en bloc & it was agreed to add to the list of Vice Presidents the following, Mr J. Perkin, Senior Director, F.K. Perkin & Son.

Dr D.G. Ineson, Heightown Liversidge.

Mr W. H. Laycock, Slipper Lane, Mirfield.

in appreciation of their intent & financial support & services rendered to the Society.

A statement of accounts was presented by the secretary, showing a loss on the years working of £15-9-2. The secretary explained that donations from patrons were down by £2-15-0 compared with last year, & the loss of £13-14-9 on the annual show was due mainly to no raffle being held.

There was also £2-0-0 for printing prize cards, which would last us several years.

There was some discussion regarding the transfer of donations to the show account. This item was successfully clarified by the Auditors & on their proposal it was unanimously agreed that all donations should go into the general account

& not be shown the show account.

Secretarys report. The secretary reported that we had now 20 ordinary members in addition to Vice President & patrons. Of these only about

12 were regular exhibitors. Two members, E.H.

Robinson & A.T. Meens had died since the last

Annual Meeting, & we had gained four new members from Sandal & Agbrigg. The shows could be regarded as very successful & the

Annual show in particular, although for reasons stated lost made a considerable loss, it attracted quite a lot of visitors & should be more successful financially next year.

The secretary felt very strongly that an all out effort should be made to attract new members who would grow & exhibit the

England Florists tulip. We should try to get more publicity through the local & gardening press, & possibly through lectures to other horticultural Societies. The secretary had a collection of coloured slides of various kinds of tulips which he showed to the Belle

Vue & Sandal Allotment association & he was willing to show them to other societies if required.

Show venues 1966. It was agreed that two shows should be held in 1966, one if possible at Altofts & the annual show again at the

Duke of York Hotel, Agbrigg. The dates to be fixed later at a meeting to be held in January or February.

Mr J Akers distributed free samples of some of his best Florists tulip bulb to members present & asked all to exhibit at the show

next year in 1966. Mr Akers wh was thanked for his generosity.

The meeting closed at 8-0 PM.

J Akers Nov 28th 1966.

Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society

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