Wed 1st Nov 1933

Members Present R Robinson (Chairman) W Beddows

F Fox, T Lockwood, A Meens & E H Robinson

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read

And duely passed,

The Secratery informed the committee that the bulbs had arrived from Mr Needham and duely been divided amongst new grower that recuired them,

The tickets for the exmus draw were distributed and all members present promised to give the varies prizes required

This marked the last meeting under the managership of Mr Campion who was due to severe conection with the Whinney Moor

Hotel on Dec 1st. Mr Campion had become a member of our society only a few month previes and the committee expressed there sorrow at his lose, owing to business reasons, A discussion followed on the general growth of bulbs and rearing of offsets

R Robinson

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