Mon 1st May 1967

Mr J. Akers in the chair. Also present Messrs

A. Tear, N.H. Eyre, R. Hunt, J. Hardman, A.L.R

Hunter, S. Knowles, F. Brunning J.G. Nassau,

H. Collins, J.W. Prest, C. Heptinstall & H.V.

Calvert secretary.

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Messrs G Hunt & J Fisher.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed

Correspondence. A report was received from the Plant Health Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture, Leeds, reporting that their recent soil tests showed the presence of potato root celworm in Mr Akers allotment. Therfo

Therefor no tulip grown there could be exported to U.S.A.

The following members agreed to help with preparing the annual Show on Friday evening 19th May to be at the Duke of York at 7-30 PM.

Messrs A.L.R Hunter, H Collins R Brunning,

C Heptinstall J G. Nassau & the secretary.

Mr R Hunt & NH Eyre & S. Knowles agreed to clear up after the show on Monday evening 22nd May.

After discussion it was agreed to limit to three entries each of the single bloom classes, 16, 17 & 18

The secretary was instructed to order more raffle tickets the same colour as these being issused for the shows & to continue the numbers from 4001 to 10,000.

A raffle realised 15/- the prizes being donated by Messrs J Hardman, H Collins & A Tear.

The meeting closed at 8-40 PM. J Akers

June 19 1967

The Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society, meeting, held at the Duke of York Hotel, Sandal on 19th of June 1967 at 7-30 PM.

Mr J Akers in the chair. Also present Messrs A Tear,

N.H Eyre, R.D. Wood, J.W.R. Fox, S. Knowles, H. Collins,

C. Heptinstall, B. Caines, A.L.R. Hunter & H.V. Calvert, sec.

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Mrs E. Coles & Messrs G. Hunt, R. Hunt, D H Hartley,

H F Brunning & J. Hardman.

The following new members were approved.

Mr Phil Haughten, "Hill Top" South Carlton, Lincolnshire, Mrs B.B. Tittcomb, 2, New Ramsden Row, Thurgoland, N. Sheffield, Mrs R. Beet, 3, New Ramsden Row, Thurgoland, N. Sheffield, Mr H. Tyler, 11, Coniston Close, Denton, Manchester,

M. L. Shaw, 1, Oakwood, Horbury Rd., Wakefield.

Mr B. Caines, 20, Langdale Drive, Flanshaw, Wakefield.

Miss J. Harris, Frobisher House, 3 Lawns Close, Altofts.

The minutes of the meeting held 1st May 1967 were read & confirmed.

Correspondence was read from Mr Garfield Hunt, apologising for absence because of illness & enclosing subscription of 5/-

A letter was read from Mr W.H. Laycock of Mirfield thanking is for the progress report & enclosing cheque for 2 gns.

A letter was read from Paul Morby, Television Producer of B.B.C. Gardening Club, enquiring for information about our Society.

The secretary had already sent appropriate replies & this correspondence was now approved.

It was agreed that the secretary should contact Mr Morby again, nearer to the 1968 Shows.

A suggestion fh from Mrs Coles, that we should have a stand at the next Chelsea show was considered & it was agreed to discuss this at the next Annual

General Meeting.

A financial report, showing a net profit of £1-8-0 on the Altofts Show held 13th & 14th May 1967, & a net loss of £1-8-10 on the Annual Show held 20th May 1967 was approved.

The secretary was instructed to send for bulb catalogues to Messrs Bloms, de Jagers & Parkers.

It was announced that Mr W.D. Tear had a collection of colour slides of tulips taken at the C to Chelsea show & other places which he would be willing to show to members. This offer was gratefully accepted & it was agreed that they be shown on Tuesday 18th July at 8.0 PM, the occasion to be an open night.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr Nassau. & bulbs donated by Mr Akers realised 11/-

The meeting closed at 8-40 PM.

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