Sun 1st May 1938

Members Present Messrs W Beddow, Chairman

W Robinson W H Midgley A T Meens

G Still R Robinson E H Robinson

The Minutes of the last meeting were past as read, unanimusly

The correspondence was then read and accepted this included a letter from

Mr Bramham, indicating that the show be fixed as soon as possible

The fixing of Show date was the first item on the agenda and the following proposition was carried

Pro WH Midgly

Sec W Robinson}

That show date be fixed for May 14th 15th& 16th and to open at 6 PM

As Mr Bramham has never mensioned giving a medal afor Vase Class it was proposed that Secratery write him about same, also for Black Cloth for tables


Sec W Beddow}

That three judges be appointed from our own members to officiate in all classes open and local and the following were appointed by

Show of Hand R Robinson,

W H Midgly

E H Robinson

Pro& Sec That show activity finis on Sunday Night and dismantle on Monday

Next meeting to be held on

Thursday for preparing room

Pro & Sec W Robinson Mr F Midgly

William Beddows

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